Criminal Lines Radio With Bill Cannon

Please join us in welcoming Retired Detective Sergeant, Bill Cannon to Criminal Lines Radio.

We’re Talking Writers: Brad Smith

I had the pleasure of speaking with crime novelist, Brad Smith. We discussed his latest book, Shoot the Dog and what inspired him to write the popular, Virgil Cain series.

I’m looking forward to his next book!

Between the Chalk Lines: Perspective of a Female Detective

I’ve been waiting for this for a long time—to be able to talk with a female detective. I first got to chat with her during #cclivechat on Twitter and now she is here with us on Criminal Lines.

Between the Chalk Lines: Warming Up to Cold Cases

Today, I welcome as my guest, veteran Detective Sergeant Joe Giacalone. He’s commanding officer of a cold case squad and the author of the book titled The Criminal Investigative Function: A Guide for New Investigators.

Between the Chalk Lines: Forensically Speaking

Please welcome this evening, true crime author, Ken Lang. He is a 22 year law enforcement veteran and has served the last 15 years as a detective in the Criminal Investigation Division.

In addition to his current investigative assignment, Ken is also an active Forensic Artist, providing police agencies with composite sketches, post-mortem and age-enhancement drawings, and skull reconstructions.

Interview With Poet Michael Graves

In my own opinion, I don’t believe we take enough time to celebrate the art of poetry. I agonized over writing a post or doing an interview. Finally, I decided that an interview with a poet would be beneficial to all of us.

So, I tracked down my friend and asked him if he could do an interview and after a few days of playing email tag, I was happy to see he’d replied, yes.

Thank you, Michael.


Stay Focused and Give it Your ALL.

Here's a little inspiration!

Crime Writers’ Panel 11-2-12: Online Workshop

If you missed the free online workshop back in November ~ Here’s your chance to see it…

Crime Writers’ Workshop on Google+

Tonight is the night and I just wanted to send out reminders that there are four ways that you can contact the panel members during tonight’s workshop.

Crime Writers’ Panel Now on Google+

As a crime writer, nothing is more frustrating while doing research on the internet and not receiving an answer.

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