So What is Forensics

Today, we have retired Detective Sergeant, John Paolucci! He’s the president of Forensics4Real where he trains law enforcement and students in venues such as the Henry Lee Academy.

The Criminal Investigative Function ~ 2nd Edition

With the release of The Criminal Investigative Function: A Guide for New Investigators - 2nd Edition and his retirement from the force, Joe Giacalone is enjoying what it feels like to be a best selling author.

Writer Question: Can Police Forcibly Take DNA?

I’ve received questions from writers wondering what ways can their detective obtain DNA. They have also asked, “Can police forcibly take DNA?”

Changes in Law Enforcement

Criminal Lines

The Criminal Lines blog is in the process of moving from Wordpress to its new home, located here on



A Quick Guide to Miranda for Crime Writers Part 2

In A Quick Guide to Miranda for Crime Writers Part 1 I talked about  how the writer would handle Miranda issues. In this post we’re going to discuss how to write a scene involving a lawyer and his client.

A Quick Guide to Miranda for Crime Writers Part 1

The one area of writing crime that I see errors made more often than anywhere else is: Confessions and Admissions, including the Right to Counsel and Miranda. 

Collecting the Evidence: Indoor vs Outdoor Crime Scenes

The Make-up of a Precinct

Social Media for the Writer

Crime Writers’ Panel members, Joe Giacalone and Detective Ken Lang take a look at the correct way to use social media.

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