Between the Chalk Lines: The Anatomy of Investigation

With his busy schedule, my friend, JJ, was finally able to sit down with me for an interview.  His thorough replies about the job of a homicide investigator and the intricate details of working a crime scene should help fill your pages.

So writers, fix some coffee, sit down, and grab your pen and paper. Click the link below to begin the audio.

*Please note: the questions are not in order*

Between the Chalk Lines: The Anatomy of Investigation

Her Final Watch Blog Tour

$0.99 book sale during the blog tour for Her Final Watch!

The Oliana Mercer Series by Marguerite Ashton

Ms. Ashton said, "I'm so happy that Oliana's story is being told episodically. Now it's time to time to see what the readers think." 

Blog Tour: Q and A with Jen Med's Book Reviews

On June 6th, I stopped by Jen's blog - Jen Med's Book Reviews for a Q and A about my Road to Publication. At the end of the post, there will be a chance to enter and win one of the two signed ebooks for 'Promised Lies.'

Thanks for hanging out with me during the tour.

Blog Tour: Book Review for Promised Lies by School Runs and Shopping Trolleys

Here's an excerpt from the review: "I was quickly sucked into the story of the somewhat maverick female detective and her tangled personal life..." For more head on over to her page to see what she had to say.

Blog Tour: Q and A with Short Book and Scribes

On June 5th, I stopped by Nicola's blog - Short Book and Scribes for a Q and A. Also, at the end you'll see a chance to enter a book giveaway!

Hope you enjoy and thanks for reading.


Interview With Actor & Comedian Bill Cannon

It has been a while since Crime Writer's Panel has done a show. When I found a break in my schedule, I caught up with a good friend of mine, Ret. Sergeant Bill Cannon. He's hosted shows with me and written blog posts for Criminal Lines. Now he has added to his resume. Acting and stand-up comedy. 

Congrats, Bill!



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Autopsy Protocol for Investigators

The autopsy is one of the most important steps in the death investigation, especially when the case is equivocal – a fancy investigative term meaning, “I have no idea what happened.”

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